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Oil & Gas

Our Oil and Gas Business Division creates unique business models/opportunities in a cross-divisional value chain approach. We are partnered with one of the largest energy project companies in Europe offering a full range of services in trading, shipping and logistics of energy commodities with operations in Africa, Mediterranean, Adriatic and Caspian seas, Caribbean and Middle East regions.


Providing resources to business transformation through, technology, innovation, and expertise. 

From Consulting to Strategy and Tax firms— we help our clients capitalize on transformative opportunities. We also help them fulfill regulatory requirements, keep investors informed and meet the needs of all of their stakeholders. 

Tax Care

Tax Care is a complete service firm passionate about small businesses and dedicated to providing top-notch services. Our focus is on advising businesses and individuals on accounting and tax matters. We have a highly specialized and dedicated team committed to delivering excellent services to all our clients, as well as teaching important financial strategies.


The health care sector represents a reliable low-risk investment, focusing on research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of medicines and drugs. We focus on best value investments with the fastest earnings growth and the most momentum.


UniWell is a comprehensive cGMP manufacturing and packaging facility for nutraceuticals, OTC pharmaceuticals, and dietary supplements.

Fashion & Content

The notion of fashion as the modern apparel industry finds its purpose in the conception, production, promotion, and marketing of style based on desire. It reflects the changing wants of consumers to be defined by their attire, or more commonly, to be accepted, which has precipitated change throughout fashion history.

United Rivers

United Rivers is a luxury lifestyle denim brand established in Miami and handcrafted in Los Angeles.


Founded in 2015 by brothers Camilo and Julian Rios, the brand is heavily inspired by American western street style and vintage American nostalgia.

The brand's unique touch is seen in the pieces that show the map of the rivers of the United States, highlighting their American roots and pride in manufacturing in the USA.


Racewknd is an exclusive magazine. Each issue is printed on premium paper stock and packed with more than 150 photos. Featuring cutting-edge design, deep insights, no ads.

Racewknd is a one-of-a-kind magazine for individuals seeking to enjoy F1 racing beyond race reports and news updates.

At MWD group,

we believe in positioning investors first.

Make confident strategic decisions built on trust and reliable investment opportunities.

Who we are

A network of secure investment opportunities that arise from the composition of diversified business lines built on the foundation of transparent and solid investment recommendations. 


We see the world through your eyes.

Our client-centered approach offers guidance, insights, and personalized service according to your needs and financial objectives.

We value lasting and trusting relationships devoted to your success and designed to fit your life's context providing financial growth opportunities that accommodate your risk and progress along your timeline.


Start your path to greater wealth.

Music Industry

Music connects everything, takes us to incredible places and allows us to experience great energy. Every day more globalized, the music industry remains one of the most solid sectors, now more accessible thanks to new platforms and new technologies.

Swag Records

Swag Records is an entertainment company representing various artists in the city. We offer sound recording and distribution, music videos, social media engagement, merchandising, and concert promotion.


Our catalog of music is a valuable asset that generates revenue.


At Swag Records, we are committed to delivering exceptional entertainment and expanding the creative potential of our artists.

“ Succes isn’t owned it’s leased, and rent is due every day”

- J.J Watt


Meaningful and impactful investments in organizations that nurture young people and provide the opportunity to expand their talents and propel performance to the next level are on the rise. We offer diverse areas of expertise within the sports industry, focused on recruiting talent for a brighter economic future.

Juventus Academy

Juventus Soccer Academy, has 7 active locations (practice venues) across Miami Dade and Broward.


Focusing on youth represents a significant investment for Athletum F.C. Academy. We are committed to promoting the growth of young players in the US.

Vivra Sports: International Sports Representation

Vivra Sports specializes in talent management and athlete contracts across sports categories such as soccer, baseball, basketball, and more.

Athletum Camps

The Juventus Academy Training Camp is a comprehensive soccer program that extends the excitement of the black-and-white experience to locations outside of Italy.

Athletum Complex

Your Sports Hub and Offline Social Network.
At Athletum Complex, we foster human connections through sports, transcending age and boundaries.

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Our work ethic and dedication have led us to reach thriving financial landmarks sustaining reliable strategic positioning in each business line using the latest technological tools. 

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